MJD is about people, techno, passion and the human spirit. The interview series is primarily focused on sharing insights from DJs, producers and those making a difference in the house music and techno industries. We also cover underground parties and electronic dance music events. Stay tuned for a new addition that will explore the intersection of wellness and personal balance in the industry. My interest is to share real perspectives and stories and to contribute to the conversation about how to develop, maintain and increase a sense of wellbeing while on this path. 

After writing briefly for Decoded Magazine in 2016, I had the idea to start my own blog, and to do 25 interviews in 25 weeks. I almost made it, not quite, but the concept initiated a beginning. I started to write more, reach out consistently and cover events. At the time, I read the dictionary for few weeks in an attempt to find the right name. Everything I liked was taken, or cheesy, or not me. So, being Mandy J Daniels, my seemingly last recourse was MJD as an authentic identifier for the blog. Now, I love it. 

I've traveled globally and worked in jobs from forest fire fighting to executive development programs, leading active travel trips in the Rockies and Belize, to discovering yoga in 2005 and becoming an instructor shortly thereafter. As a professional yoga instructor for over 10 years, I taught 3000+ classes and interacted with thousands of students overall, day in and day out. I'm deeply interested in the connection between our thought processes, emotions, physical body and energy, and am passionate about people, stories, paths, the synchronicities of our lives and how we can shift our thoughts and emotions to create a life we love to wake up to.

I have a sister site, www.feelinfree.com, that houses my mindset and transformation coaching practice - check it out if you’d like to learn how to take control of your inner atmosphere to change your life.

Find me online at missmandyjdaniels on Instagram, @mandyjdaniels on Twitter, and I can be found at mandy@themjdreal.com - reach out and say hi!