Sunset Sessions returns this Saturday, July 16th to Sunnyside Pavillion with Toronto Loves Detroit. When Detroit and techno enter the conversation, chances are high that a few names will consistently enter the mix, among them is undoubtedly Carl Craig. A long-time ambassador for his hometown, the visionary artist, Grammy-nominated composer and world renowned DJ is a prolific and a legendary pillar of the Detroit sound.

The venue provides a historic, charming and picturesque backdrop with two courtyards equipped to host some of Canada’s finest electronic music artists. From Dinamo Azari, Basic Soul Unit and Nitin to more of Toronto’s finest DJs and producers, Jamie Kidd, Simon Jain, Jeff Button, Richard Brooks, Brent Hayward, Alberto Jossue, Adam Khan and Roberto.

Detroit Love as a concept brings the creative, innovative sonic landscape from Detroit's techno and electronic music originators, artists like Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Stacey Pullen, Octave One, Craig Mills himself, as well as a newer generation of artists like Seth Troxler, Ryan Crosson and Jimmy Edgar, to clubs and festivals the world over. 

Brought by Captive Audience, White Label Promo, House Addict, Balance and Automatt, Toronto gets to welcome Detroit and Carl Craig with love, and what better way than this scenic venue next to Lake Ontario, on what looks to be a gorgeous day, supported by some of Canada's finest!

For more information check here, tickets can be found here. Time: 4pm-11:15pm


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