This Friday, July 6th, No.19 label co-founder, Nitin, presents Digital Detox at CODA - a thoughtfully curated lineup with an emphasis on real, raw house music and techno.

It’s a party with an intention to get back to the roots of dance music, where the atmosphere and vibe is focused on the music first and the way it makes you feel. A time before big lights, social media, superstar DJs, cell phones and flash cameras on the dance floor. A space to let go, accept yourself, feel the power of the music to uplift, connect and create a sense of unity with those around you. With the Disconnect to Connect theme, the encouragement is to keep phones off the dance floor and allow yourself the opportunity, free of distraction, to connect to the music, yourself and become part of a unified vibe.

All Blak Records co-founders Steve Marto and Paul Quzz lend support with their deep, dubby signature sound alongside Karla Houser and Wasserman. Montreal’s veteran selector and producer, Paolo Rocco, will be making his CODA debut and brings experience and versatility to the decks. With over two decades of experience on the global circuit within the house music and techno industry, Nitin’s depth of knowledge, experience, passion and skill to make a dance floor move is not to be missed. Trust me - you want to be at this party!  

As DJ Pierre says in MixMag’s mini documentary, Frankie Knuckles & The Origins Of House, “It’s not just a sound, it’s not just music, it’s a culture, it’s a way of dancing. Just like the track said, it’s a spiritual thing...”

See you on the dance floor!

Ticket info here. Event info here.

CODA || Friday, July 6th || 10PM-5AM

Check out these mixes from artists on the lineup to warm you up for Friday:  

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