The picturesque Sunnyside Pavillion housed a smashing good time Saturday, June 18th with the Blu Party. The brainchild of DJ and producer Sydney Blu, the event made its triumphant return to Toronto on a gorgeous, perfect summer evening nestled next to Lake Ontario’s waterfront. The venue itself was teeming with good vibes and blue decor. Upside-down, hanging umbrellas and blue and white lanterns were sprinkled amidst the ambient greenery, reflecting the thought put into creating the festive atmosphere. Blu fans (literal, fans to cool you down, and of course, people fans) were out in full force. Two stages occupied the charming venue at either end - one harbouring fine local talent, and the other showcasing Jonathan Rosa, Blu, and international artists Joeski and Weiss.

Blu’s set was deep, heavy, bouncy and massively fun. She kept it moving and constantly amplified the vibe. It was so impressive that the words ‘Yassss girl!’ were basically shouting this constant refrain in my head, cheerleading her on throughout her set. It was such great music, flow and programming as she moved into heavier techno vibes. The buoyant party grew with the crowd filling both dancefloors. Joeski brought his New York-influenced bumping house and techno, dropping his own edit of Armand van Helden’s ‘I Don’t Know You’ early on, which coalesced the vibe and kept the party riveted.

The talent all brought their own flavour, with Weiss loading nasty, dirty, rolling, at times vocal, tech house and techno. As dusk settled on this warm, superb evening, the dancing blue lights became brighter, as did the partiers. It’s always nights like this that make me thankful for being here. Like, on the planet being here, really. The bringing together of people, their thoughts and efforts, intentions and ethos, beer and tunes, lights, atmosphere and how it comes together and plays out beautifully. Well done, Sydney Blu and crew, can’t wait ’til next time!

And one of my favourite all time tunes... thanks, Joeski!


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