Always special to hear Victor Calderone play, I was excited to check him out for the first time at the Dynacord sanctuary that is Nest, Toronto. I walked in and it was alive. Midnight, a full party, great sound, dark, and the floor was pumping. So much power in the system and he knows how to use it. Simply full throttle techno. The people were having it. I felt like I walked into a mega house party, packed with people I’ve met a bunch of times over, some I knew well, many familiar faces, and the massive majority I hadn’t met but we’d probably crack a beer and toast life. I usually make a point of being there early to catch the vibe as the night goes from zero to 100, especially with Victor on for the full night, start to finish, but tonight’s agenda found me arriving fashionably late. It was already like a rolling train with something different every mile, creating a hypnotic atmosphere where you lose yourself, yet stay tethered, tuned in and plugged in to the nastiness for the whole ride. Nothing boring about this four on the floor techno groove.

Rock solid with vocals interspersed, a quintessential party with rolling notes that got deeper, darker, and more twisted, all steered by his relentless bass. It was interesting bass, animated and lucid. Marked by moments through the night where the energy elevated noticeably - I remember one at 2:30am and one at 4am - but who’s checking. (Just me.. cuz I’m that girl). At those times, a distinct shift in the sonic landscape took us in and we had no choice but to go deeper - like we were being primed the whole time for more, and then, that moment came through, bringing us to an increased, solid state of being hammered. Nasty, real and deep.

As 5am rolled around he played a Reset Robot track that coalesced the crowd into a bottomless groove, bringing us into a new, resonant plateau. The crowd was solid through to the end, where the night’s rhythm waxed into more percussive, syncopated beats. Then Victor led us into a classic, gorgeous track from the early 90s, Robert Owens’, “I’ll Be Your Friend.” A fitting finale to help close the night - the music was the main event, but it was amplified by surrounding laughs, smiles and old hello’s. Victor was superb and took us home - what more can you say about something words can’t express.. What drives me at my core? I'd say nights like this. 


Many thanks to White Label Promo, Victor Calderone and Nest for an outstanding night!

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