A nebulous sense of mystique surrounds Belgian DJ and producer, Lost Desert - perhaps fitting as his sonic trademark is equally mystical, etheric and dreamy. After meeting All Day I Dream boss Lee Burridge at a party in Antwerp, the two began collaborating and their connection has since led to gigs around the world with the deep house brand. He makes his way this weekend to Toronto’s Love Child Social House, with support from local legends Jonathan Rosa b2b Sam Haze, for what promises to be a swirly affair - a welcome winter day party to coax us out of hibernation.

Check out our moment with Lost Desert here as he talks about what to expect for his set this weekend, what excites him about performing versus being in studio, a track he never tires of, and upcoming news. See you Saturday!

Hi Patrick! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us here at MJD!

Can you tell us about your musical background? What’s it like being a DJ from Belgium and now seeing many other parts of the world through the lens of performing?

Hi! First of all, a very Happy New Year! And thanks for inviting me once more to Toronto. I started of listening to new wave way back in time, followed by twenty years of being a DJ in the better clubs in Belgium. It’s amazing to be recognized across borders now, playing my own music - so many souls we have touched and moved with All Day I Dream. It is heart warming and inspirational.

What can we expect from a three hour Lost Desert set?  

In these 180 minutes I want to try some new music I have been working on - see how they flow and sound. And, of course, I hope to create an atmosphere which can bring warmth to our souls, let the sun shine indoors, fill the floor and connect with the people. All the things we do in a daydream.

What excites you about performing vs being in the studio?

The reaction and connection with the people.

Are there any upcoming releases we should look out for?

Lee Burridge and myself are working very hard on our album right now so that might be one to look out for! If you listen closely, maybe you can discover the album tracks I will be playing this weekend. There is also a vinyl release being pressed at this time for Shanti Moscow Radio.

What’s one track that never gets old for you, no matter how many times you hear it? Any thoughts on why that is?

Thats a tough one! Deep Burnt by Pete Bradock is one that comes to mind. It works for me any time, anywhere.


Thanks again to Lost Desert for taking the time to connect with us here today!

He is playing at Love Child Social House (69 Bathurst Street, Toronto) this Saturday, January, 19th. The day event runs from 3pm-9pm.

For more info & tickets, click here.

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