I'm very pumped to bring you this conversation. Kora talks about his background, new project, his take on performing versus being in studio, what to expect from his four hour set this weekend here in Toronto and more!

The Mirrors event series showcases the deep and mystical sides of dance music and brings Kora and Jonathan Rosa b2b Sam Haze together for a day event this Saturday, March 30 (3-9PM) at Love Child Social House. Also, don't forget the afterparty - info below:) Enjoy getting to know Kora! 

Can you tell us about your musical background?

Hola guys. I started playing the piano around seven years old and learned music theory in elementary school. At 12 years old, I traded the piano for a drum kit and started playing rock. I had weekly lessons and also started a little amateur band with my high school friends. My mom always played very colourful music at home, from world music to electronica, I think it opened my horizons to various genres. I discovered electronic music when I was a teenager and started DJing at 17. A few years later, I came to Toronto to follow my first music production course with the talented Adam K.

You recently started a label Saisons, can you tell us more about that? What is the sound and vision for the label?

Saisons is a passion project where my closest collaborators and I join forces to share music that is meaningful for us and where we have the freedom to create and spread a message through all means, including sound, visuals and experience. We are focusing on quality over quantity and we are in love with music that has a soul, a story and a movement.

Inspired by the cycle of life in the Boreal forest of Canada, Saisons is deeply connected to nature and our long term vision is to have a positive impact on our beautiful planet and the footprint we leave on it. Through music and experiences, we can connect with a lot of people, create bridges and inspire change towards more conscious behaviour. The team is organically growing and we are very excited for what’s to come in the green department of Saisons.

What can we expect from a four hour Kora set?

Four hours is a lot of freedom and plenty of time to go on a hypnotic storytelling adventure. I never know what direction it will take, but I know that the Toronto crowd has a great energy and it’s going to be a lot of fun. I’ll make sure to bring a few percussions and blend-in recently finished music!

What excites you about performing versus being in the studio?

It’s two very different, but complementary aspects, of music that I love to balance. The studio and composing is a very personal thing where I create or collaborate for the love of making music, learning and putting emotions and messages into sound.

The performance is the moment where I can share, connect and tell a story and where the music is used to move people, elevate the energy of the individuals and create a collective experience. I never really know where it will go, as I think my role is to be a reflection of where the crowd wants to take the journey.

Are there any upcoming Kora releases we should look out for?

I recently finished a remix for one of my favourite producers based in Spain - Pablo Bolivar - Edanna (Kora Remix). It will come out on Seven Villas on the 5th of April 2019.

Also, I’m very happy to welcome my good friend Gab Rhome to the Saisons family. We will release our first collaboration, Toboggan, on the 19th of April 2019.  

What’s one track that never gets old for you, no matter how many times you hear it? Any thoughts on why that is?

No Love Lost by my talented Argentinian friend Facundo Mohrr.

It’s a timeless tune for me. There’s a beauty in its minimalism, emotions and also on the energy it creates in the rooms when I play it. That magical groove moves people instantly, anytime, anywhere.

Thanks for reading the interview and see you soon!

Thank you, Kora, for the lovely words and insight!


Check out the party(s) this weekend, have fun and take care of each other!

Event info:

When: Saturday, March 30 (3pm-9pm)
Where: Love Child Social House
When: Saturday, March 30 (10pm-3am)
Where: Parlour

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