With critically-acclaimed releases, industry awards, his own label (ORIGINS RCRDS), steady touring and work with notable house music heavyweights like Kerri Chandler, Marshall Jefferson, Todd Terry and Robert Owens, Josh Butler's evolution over the past decade has been consistent and continues to expand. 

I had the great opportunity to connect with Josh recently, in anticipation of his gig this Saturday at Toronto's Sunnyside Pavilion. He gave us insight into how he approaches a set, the meditative aspect of performing and producing, his best advice for up and coming artists, how he finds mind/body balance within the industry, his growth as an artist, exciting new releases for ORIGINS RCRDS, and more.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Josh Butler here, and this weekend!

Thanks for taking the time to connect with us today, Josh! Welcome back - Toronto’s excited to have you and pumped for your debut at Sunnyside.

How does your sound change venue to venue, city to city? What can we expect from a Josh Butler outdoor set? 

Hey! There actually isn’t really a simple answer to this because none of my sets are ever planned. Of course I’ll prep before the event, but the direction of the set will usually depend on a few things:

1) The time that I’m playing

2) What the DJ before me is playing

3) And also my mood that day! 

What do you love most about performing? And in-studio? 

I love the spontaneity of playing and performing, and the ability to always adapt and change what tracks will come next and dictating the pace of a crowds energy. The studio is a much slower form of expression, but I think of both as a form of meditation. Nothing else is on my mind when I’m locked into the zone of making a track or a DJ set. 

How have you changed over the course of your career? Are there any thoughts, perspectives or habits that have helped you to evolve as an artist?

My own personal music style and my knowledge of the business are the two main things that spring to mind. But to be honest, almost every aspect of what I do has changed over the years. It’s healthy to be evolving, adapting and learning as we go.

What always makes you happy?

A cup of tea and some sativa! 

How do you maintain your mind/body balance in this industry? 

I pick and choose my battles to party now! I also try to eat well and exercise regularly where possible.   

What’s the best advice you’ve received? What advice would you give to up and coming producers and DJs?

Let your music do the talking, focus on finding your own style and of course, be polite - treat people the way you expect to be treated. 

What’s next for you and ORIGINS RCRDS?

I’m currently working on around eight new original productions to release on ORIGINS and I’ll put these out across two separate packages later this year. Next up on the label is an EP from Jimmy Switch which will be out in early August, and I’ve also just signed a second EP from Groove Armada which I’ll take on for remix duties too - stay tuned! 

So exciting - we will! Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us!

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For more info about the show, click here or on the flyer below. 

When: Saturday, July 20th 5PM-11PM

Where: Sunnyside Pavilion & Cafe

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