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Tend to your inner atmosphere to transform your life


Are you finding it challenging to maintain your mental, emotional and physical balance in the midst of a heavy schedule and want to learn practical ways to manage your well-being?

I've designed my sessions specifically to help you:

Learn to deliberately allow your emotional state and mindset to feel good, which influences your actions, moods, behaviours, relationships and ultimately your overall lived experience 

Learn more about meditation and create a consistent path towards receiving guidance from your spiritual self

Stabilize well-being by re-designing how you spend your time to achieve your desired outcome


It's about:

Allowing yourself to feel your way forward with intention

Becoming more deliberate about how you think and feel so that you open the channel for inspiration, and follow it into focused (and fun) action

Soothing yourself into inspiration and well-being, and allowing your energy to flow, rather than motivating or improving yourself to achieve a goal

Stepping into your powerful nature, into who you really are and into who you're meant to be


I believe that everyone has important and unique talent to share and deserves to live a fully expressed life while pursuing their creative path. It's empowering to understand how thoughts and emotions affect what you attract and I'd love to support you in opening this connection consistently so that you live truly fulfilling days (and nights).

My intention is to assist and empower you to become more skilled at choosing and creating what you truly want in order to live your exhilarating, rich and joyfully satisfying life. I would be thrilled to assist you in understanding your emotional guidance and your ability to direct your focus so that you can live in alignment with who you really are.

I am trained through the Coaches Training Institute in Co-Active Coaching, which is a conversation-based partnership to assist you to produce fulfilling results. You are understood to be naturally creative, resourceful and whole, the process is client-centred and sessions holistically address your whole life. My style, synthesized from two decades of teaching, training, learning and experience, is to listen and offer a combination of intuitive questions and information designed to help you deepen your understanding of how to live your highest potential.

If you’re interested to learn more about my mind body awareness coaching, or would like to book a free 15-20 minute Discovery Session, you can reach me at mandy@feelinfree.com

Be open to: 

  • Define and clarify what you want
  • Decide and commit to what you want
  • Believe and become what you want
  • Experiment with fresh approaches (but only if and when they are appropriate for you)
  • Change some of the habits that may not serve you
  • Explore ways to removes sources of stress
  • Get the support you need to handle a problem
  • Re-look at assumptions or decisions you've made
  • Work on solutions to eliminate those things and situations you are tolerating or that are frustrating you, or that are stopping, pausing or challenging you towards your desired outcome

Sessions are an evolving mix of discussions, questions, stories, teachings and useful, personally-tailored processes, as needed. Each focuses on you, to ensure you are on the right track and enjoying the journey as you get to where you want to go. Looking forward to meeting you!